Sannas Maria Pettena Vino Rosato Sardinia

Sannas Maria Pettena Vino Rosato Sardinia

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Piergraziano Sanna only recently purchased his small vineyard in Mamoiada, high up in the center of the island of Sardinia. His vines are planted mostly to Cannonau, as well as a small amount of Granazza, a native white variety. The plants are young, and are being grown according to the classic Sardinian vine-training method known as alberello.

No treatments of any kind are used in the vines, not even copper or sulfur.  In the cellar, spontaneous fermentation occurs in large plastic tubs and then the wine is refined in old wooden containers. The wines are not filtered, and the bare minimum of sulfur is added when bottling.

Maria Pettena is a rosé wine produced by Piergraziano Sanna, a whimsical winemaker from Mamoiada. Refines in used wooden barrels and has a cherry pink color. The nose is clean, and the aromas are mainly articulated on fruity and floral notes. On the palate it is full-bodied, with good freshness and flavor. The finish is excellent with a return of fruity notes. A graceful and very pleasant wine, with a particularly incisive drink. A must-try wine.

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