Marthe Henry Boillot Aligote Bourgogne White 2019

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 Type: White
Producer: Marthe Henry Boillot
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Grape: Chardonnay
Year: 2019
Farming: Organic


Marthe grew up in Paris, studied journalism and worked as such before discovering her passion for wine and deciding to return to where her family originates from in Meursault.

2013 was the year she decided to take on this new exciting journey and six years later she is on her way to release her second vintage.

When her grandfather, Pierre Boillot, passed away in 2004, the estate was then closed down but luckily the vineyards were kept in the family. The old Pierre Boillot estate was not a large landowner, approximately 2.5 ha, but there were nevertheless still some very fine vineyards.

To get a head start Marthe is now buying grapes from fellow winemakers and friends and will hopefully take over some of the vineyards from the old Pierre Boillot estate in the near future.


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