Ludes Riesling Thörnicher Ritsch Kabinett "Terrassen" 2022

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From the terraced central part of the Ritsch, this is an extraordinarily young Kabinett that has a long, lovely road ahead of it. The most classically styled wine of the group, and still drier than many Kabinetts. This is fascinating – it does seem riper and wider on the palate – yet remains so buoyant and fresh. 40g of Residual Sugar and 7g of acid.

The 2022er Thörnicher Ritsch Riesling Kabinett “Terrassen” was made from fruit harvested at 80° Oechsle in the terraced part on 75-80-year-old vines in the central part of the vineyard and was fermented down to barely fruity-styled levels of residual sugar (40 g/l). The first nose is still a little reduced, with herbaceous and smoky notes, mostly coming from its spontaneous fermentation. After a few minutes in the glass, it develops splendid complexity, with fine notes of bergamot, lemon, yellow flowers, vineyard peach, menthol, fresh herbs, and fine spices. The wine is airy and finely fruity on the palate, with sappy yellow peach adding creaminess and juiciness. The finish is remarkably light, yet intense and very long. This is a remarkable Kabinett from the 2022 vintage.

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