Fruktstereo Plumenian Rhapsody Cider 2019

Fruktstereo Plumenian Rhapsody Cider 2019

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Type: Sparkling White
Producer: Frukstereo
Country: Sweden
Region: Scania
Grape: Cortland Apples/Victoria Plums/Pinot Noir
Year: 2019
Farming: Organic

Sweden, a most magical and enchanting Scandinavian country complete with some of the most beautiful, wild, and untouched orchard fruits, ranging from all types of eating apples, pears, plums, in addition to garden quince, grapes, sloe berries, sea buckthorn, and rhubarb. All of which are the components of the stunning line up of tasty juice full of vibrancy, tongue-pleasing acidity, refreshingly drinkable sparklers. Small plums in all different shapes and colors from the wild orchard in Dalby is what really makes the magic in this juice. And with a touch of grapes it really makes a fantastic example of the potential of co-ferments

Macerated fruits dive into rich plums - aromatic, full bodied sweetness intercut with bursts of tart acidity - a masterpiece!

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