Fable Farm Vinous Venus 2018

Fable Farm Vinous Venus 2018

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Type: Cider
Producer: Fable Farm
Country: USA
Region: Vermont
Grape: Apple + Grape
Year: 2017 + 2018
Farming: Organic

Herein awaits a rosé, apple-grape wine created in the traditional method. Macerated red grape pomace and fresh red grape clusters containing residual sugars post pressing were co-fermented with a blend of foraged apple juice. The wine was then pressed off and sent down to the cellar to age in cultured wood barrels for a year, before bottling as a sparkling apple-grape wine. Vinous Venus celebrates the integration of foraged apples and grapes with its dry sparkle and refreshing acidity. As a result of the aging bacteria in barrel, a briny saltiness is present in this wine, making it a delicious pair with fresh seafood, cheese, and a broad range of rich and spicy foods. For optimal freshness, we recommend finishing the bottle within the same day it is opened

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