Granja Nomada 1L

Granja Nomada 1L

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Aracely del Carmen’s family has been growing agave since 1940 in the Tlacolula region in Oaxaca. In the 1970s, Aracely’s grandfather started selling agave to her husband Gustavo’s grandfather to make mezcal at his distillery. Aracely and Gustavo work with multiple small producers to make their Granja Nomada Mezcal. Floral forward notes lead to subtle smokey notes and a bright citrus finish.

Double distillation in copper stills. The first 5 liters of heads are separated, then the body is used for a second distillation, the last 10 liters -tails- are also not used. Pine Oak Wood is used to slowly heat the stills. Filtered to obtain a clear crystal tone without subtracting quality or flavor, bottles are previously cleaned with mezcal before filling. Filling, packaging and labeling all done by hand.

When tasting it you’ll find a very characteristic smoke notes from the roast, followed by a palate with notes from fresh herbs, red apples and ripe fruit.

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