Borachio Resistance is Futile 2022

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Orange wines by Australian standards, for us, are mostly undercooked and unfinished. As aficionados of the style, we needed some time to collect our thoughts. Resistance is futile is the culmination of these ponderings. Equal portions of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc with Chardonnay making up 20% of the mix. All de-stemmed fruit, sealed up and left alone to infuse for a couple of weeks. Free run drained to barrel with a tiny portion of pressings in the final mix, for pucker and chew. Some reduction keeps things tight, so, decant if you’re in a rush. Seriously, slow down. Peach ice tea is the obvious first impression. I love the length and the chew of it, one of those bottles that when you pour out the final glass, you realise it’s hit it’s straps, but there’s none left. Thats OK, we have magnums 🙃. A true orange wine, composed, complete.

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