Behemoth Sweet Pea New York Sparkling 2021

Behemoth Sweet Pea New York Sparkling 2021

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Producer - Behemoth

Region - Finger Lakes, New York

Grapes - Frontenac Noir, Catawba, Niagara, Apples

Sweet pea is an assemblage of grapes, apples, pear, and honey. The grapes are grown organically: frontenac noir, catawba, niagara, and another mysterious red hybrid the grower has since forgotten the name of. The apples and pears were foraged from abandoned and neglected woods and hedgerows locally. The apples and pears were macerated for a few days before pressing. The frontenac was direct-pressed, the rest of the grapes were destemmed and fermented on their skins for a week. All of this was assembled, allowed to ferment dry, and the local honey was added right before bottling - just enough to give it a sparkle. All fermented spontaneously, without any additives, and un-disgorged. 

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