Le Mazel Cuvée Briand

Le Mazel Cuvée Briand

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  • Colour - Red
  • Grape Variety - Grenache 
  • Country: France 
  • Region: Ardéche 
  • Sub Region: Valvigneres 
  • Alc: 13%
  • Size: 75cl

Grenache sometimes gets a bad reputation as being a bit characterless but this wine will leave you wondering why. Whilst being light in body, the wine also showcases complex notes of herbs and spice as well as deep red and black fruit flavours.

The winemaker prefers to age the wine for 2 years before release which is perhaps why this shines so much.

Le Mazel

Le Mazel is the natural winemaking project of Gérald Oustric who after meeting famous Beaujolais star Marcel Lapierre in the 1980s, decided the time was right to move the family grape growing business in a different direction.

He and his father opted to stop selling grapes to the local co-op and instead make wine themselves that could truly represent the land around them.He converted the vineyards to organic and now produces wines with no additions that are full of life and character.

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