Marie-Therese Chappaz Grain Pinot Les Dahrres 2020

Marie-Therese Chappaz Grain Pinot Les Dahrres 2020

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With their unique origins in terms of terroir, climate, and grape diversity, the wines of Domaine Chappaz reflect Marie-Thérèse’s approach to the environment and her passionate quest for authenticity and quality.

Her respect for nature manifests in biodynamics, a gentle agricultural method that acknowledges the close relationship between the vine and the cosmos. With the aim of excellence, Marie-Thérèse patiently and humbly seeks to create wines that fully represent their respective terroirs. 

Vinification is as natural as possible at every stage, using only indigenous yeasts and a minimum of outside inputs, to produce a sensory experience that is worthy of this region that she so cherishes.

The Les Dahrres has a light smokiness and very fine tannins, with notes of wild raspberry.

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