Glow Glow Weiss 2022

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Producer: Glow Glow

Country: Germany
Region: Nahe 
Grape variety: Scheurebe, Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau
Alcohol by volume: 10%
Bottle size: 0,75 l
Sulphur: no addition

The 2022 Weiss is pure and clear sunrays, ready to peak through heavy clouds if there were any. It’s all blue skies and bright light, no rain in sight when tasting this. The 2022 summer was warm and dry, so we decided to go for direct pressing of the grapes. No over night skin contact this year as the acidity was already lower than the years before due to the 2022 weather conditions. Two weeks before harvest, we tasted the grapes and felt a lack of juice and life. Just in time, it started raining, heavily. In one week it rained more than the whole year before. And the rain moved all nutrients and aromatics and life into the until then tiny berries. Luckily, the skins were strong and did not burst and they took all good things coming in. Suddenly, there was flavour and energy. So what tastes like sunshine was picked in between heavy rainfalls and with rainbows over our heads and you can feel them in this wine: Müller

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