Dupasquier Marestel 2017

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In the glass, the wine is a bright but full  lemon in color. The nose, as a great Altesse should show once it's developed some age, is full of fruits, herbs, and spice: green and dark teas, white and yellow flowers, mellow seagrass, and yellow apple. Hints of smoky flint and dashes of white and black pepper float above. As the glass opens, the nose becomes more savory, with dried apricots and cherries, cured lemon, dried honey and clove. Flavors bounce on the palate, with hints of matcha and apple, freshly cut green herbs and citrus peel. The finish here, which rides a structure of soft swish and medium acidity, begins with sweet dried pineapple and ends with a classic hint of butterscotch. Complex but lovely, this is a wine that any drinker, Savoie-nut or not, will truly appreciate. Another great example of Altesse with some age. This will continue to develop for a decade, though some would argue much, much longer.

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