Nestarec ATYP 2022

Nestarec ATYP 2022

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Type: Red
Producer: Milan Nestarec 

Country: Czechia
Region: Morava
Grape: Blaufrankisch, Portugieser, St. Laurent, Moravian Muscat and Gruner Veltliner
Year: 2021
Farming: Organic/ Natural

Something like Nestarec's own “Brutal” – a platform for all his craziness/experimentation/fun. 

The future of Atyp can hold many different things – vineyards newly acquired that have a varietal composition outside our usual focus, for example. Or a micro-lot, or a new method, or anything really. (Yay!) Atyp is a platform for  discovery. No borders for Atyp. Anything is possible. Who decides where the limit is? Who decides what is and isn't over the edge?

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