Cati Ribot Cambuix 2020 1L

Cati Ribot Cambuix 2020 1L

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Ve D'Avior are the wines of Cati Ribot from the island of Mallorca in Spain, a new and exciting project that has slowly come to be over the past decade and a half. Cati is the third generation of her family to farm in the north east corner of the island and she has made the conscious decision to use the indigenous varieties of the area, farmed ethically and sustainably as opposed to the international varieties of those before her.

Cambuix is the result of a hail storm which hit the vineyard in Santa Margalida at the end of August. As a result the remaining fruit was harvested and direct-pressed to make a rosé. Cambuix is a Mallorquin word for “bed head” because after the storm, the vineyard resembled the very same! 

A blend of Callet, Escursac, Gorgollassa, Esperó de Gall, Mantonegro produces a pale raspberry wine that is fluid and fresh. Fermented and raised in stainless steel and puncheon this is choc full of pomegranate, cranberry and white strawberries wrapped up in watermelon juice. Some salinity and mineral freshness keeping things lithe and taught packaged in litre bottles for that extra bit of fiesta.

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