Borachio Battered Sav 2022

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66% Sauvignon Blanc/34% Chardonnay. Direct pressed to barrel, left alone and bottled in December 2023. 

Years ago I was selling wine in Sydney, one of those brutal days where the humidity smacks you hard. I needed respite, but it had to be quick!
Fratelli Paradiso was close, so I flew in for a quick bowl and a glass. I can’t remember exactly what I drank, but a high quality, cold, fresh bistro wine was on the pour and it was perfect. The inspiration for this new iteration of Battered Sav is that wine. Versatile enough to fill handblown stemware, to tumblers on a terrace. Bracing and cooling, with enough detail to pick the eyes out of it (dont). Just…YUM.

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