Arratzain Sagardo Naturala Basque Cider 2019

Arratzain Sagardo Naturala Basque Cider 2019

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Type: Cider
Producer: Arratzain
Country: Spain
Region: Basque Country
Farming: Organic

Located in the Usurbil mountains above San Sebastian, the Arratzain Inn has been home to cider production for nearly 500 years. The Lizaso family received organic certification in 2010 and only work with native Basque apples. They are one of the only siderias in the Basque country using an entirely organic production.

Sagardo Naturala is made from 20-30 different native Basque apple varieties: 60% for acid, 30% for bitterness, and 10% for sweetness and all certified organic estate trees. This is a brisk and acid-driven cider with grip and sap "“ super refreshing and wonderful for summertime barbecues or just chugging at leisure.

Puckeringly bright, pure sunshine sparkler - balanced with grounding bitter grippiness and light notes of honey - totally refreshing.

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