Grape Ink Interpretations

Grape Ink Interpretations

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Winemaker’s note: “This bottling was spurred through my close relationship with Forest Hill Farms. In 2020, I began teaching the farm Organic farming techniques, designed a
vineyard to showcase new varietal choices for a changing climate in the
Willamette Valley and eventually grafted an existing vineyard to produce Aligoté.

To thank me for the continuing work, I was allowed the opportunity to harvest a
small amount of Aligoté to see how I could interpret a new variety that I have
been planting quite prolifically in the Willamette Valley.

This insight allows me to understand how best we can utilize the variety in our
neighborhood and the surrounding wineries. The resulting wines is a clear
portrayal of Aligoté grown on Cornelius soils and the bright future of these new
vineyards in our neighborhood.” 

Grapes: Aligoté

Vineyard: Forest Hill Farms vineyard, Cornelius soils. The site neighbors Jarad’s own property and has been farmed with his help. Practicing organics.

Making of: The grapes are hand harvested and spontaneously ferment with native yeasts. They’re then aged in neutral vats and barrels. Unfined and unfiltered. 

Personality: A pure expression of Aligoté very low in alcohol and high in pleasure. I love these bottles as they never yell but sing lightly with high notes like a soprano. The perfume of the wine is of white flowers and fresh herbs while the pallet is
saline and earthy. The wine is transparent and energetic.

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