Empirical Symphony 6

Empirical Symphony 6

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The aromatic power of leaves has always been an object of fascination at Empirical; one we fully delved into to create Symphony 6. Our journey started with mandarin and lemon leaves imparting a refreshing bright acidity and light fruity notes. To create contrast, coffee leaves brought darker tones and leathery length. The combination resulted in an elegant base to work from; it was the start of a conversation and interplay between light and dark notes. It needed some more flesh to create a full narrative arc, a melody telling the story of Symphony 6. Fig leaves then came into play;  green and earthy flavors evoking the cooling sensation of finding shade after a sun-drenched day. 

We looked further into the world of perfumery to bring up high notes of black currant buds with biting, green, sulfurous and liqueur-like layers. Ambrette seeds and vetiver roots highlight the darker tones of coffee leaves revealing distinct musky and warm characters. 

The maceration and blending of Symphony 6 come in several movements to allow each botanical to shine.

The fresh lemon and mandarin leaves are macerated separately, then blended to be distilled together. The coffee leaves come in treated like tea through a bruising, oxidizing and drying process. They are macerated and distilled before being combined with the citrus cuts to create our flavor canvas. 

Black currant buds, fig leaves, ambrette seeds and vetiver roots are macerated and distilled separately to then be added to the base. The final blend is once again macerated with coffee leaves to finish off. Color, reminiscent of that perfect twilight moment, is added through carmine.

For a fleeting summer night to remember.

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