Unkel In My Mind 2020

Unkel In My Mind 2020

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Type: Skin Contact
Producer: Unkle 
Country: New Zealand 
Region: Tasman 
Grape: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris 
Year: 2020
Farming: Organic

The grapes were hand-picked, destemmed, and co-fermented in a tank. Pressed after 2 weeks into 3⁄4 stainless steel, 1⁄4 old puncheon. Bottled in the following spring, unfined, unfiltered, and with light sulfur addition.

Light ruby red in color with light raspberry and cherry aromatics that burst onto the palate. A tightly wound ball of jujube fruit and light tannin that finishes in a delicate blend of dried herbs and raspberry undertones.

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